Herbas Bodycare

HERBAS Established in 2016 West Harlem, New York City
Herbas® is 100% organic products, made in small batches focused on body care through plants & herbs. Hemp is 1 of many plants we infuse our products with & truly a magical plant.
We believe lack of living in nature does not mean one cannot live with plants and be balanced with nature. Surrounding ourselves with natural, plant based products made with good intentions, that honor traditional healing, is a good way to start. 
 We believe plants should be a part of what you eat, wear and how you heal. Through our products we deliver this message and educate about the benefits of this lifestyle.
Journey with us to plant based everything in particular for healing your body and soul, and in the process healing our minds. 

What you put in, on , and around your body matters a whole lot!